ALTA Research Award for Graduate Students in the Field of African Languages

The African Language Teachers Association (ALTA) invites proposals for ALTA Research Award in the fields of applied linguistics and/or language education. The purpose of the award is to provide resources to support (i) graduate students at the dissertation data-gathering and writing stages and (ii) new faculty members involved in research in the field of second language teaching and/or learning of African languages.


  • The recipient shall be the author of research in African Language Pedagogy (second or foreign language).
  • The recipient shall be required to be a member of ALTA.
  • The quality of the research and its potential impact on African Language Pedagogy shall be the basis of the selection.
  • The research may deal with African languages in general or a specific African language.
  • The research will be assessed based on the salience of the research question(s),   the rigor, scope, methodology and contribution of the research to knowledge within the various branches of the field of African language education as a second or foreign language.


  1. ALTA will appoint an awards committee. Members of the awards committee shall be ALTA members. The award committee will have a chairperson who is a member of the JALTA editorial board. The chairperson shall be appointed by the ALTA President.
  2. ALTA will widely advertise the information and solicit information about the award from relevant sources including ALTA, African language specific groups, NCOLCTL list serves and websites, etc.
  3. The members of the award committee will rank all awards submitted to the committee.
  4. The award may or may not be presented in a particular year based on the discretion and decision of the award committee if there is no eligible proposal that deserves the award.
  5. Members of ALTA Board, ALTA volunteers/staff, and ALTA officers may not compete for the award during their tenure.
  6. The Chair of the Awards Committee shall acknowledge in a letter of acceptance all those who submit their work for the award and also notify the winner prior to the ALTA conference.
  7. The award shall be presented at the annual ALTA conference.
  8. ALTA will expect the winner of the award to publish the outcome of the research in JALTA.
  9. The winner will be featured in the association’s Newsletter, LUGHA.
  10. The winner will be awarded $500 towards the research.

Previous Years Recipents.

Peter Mwangi was a Higher Education and Student Affairs doctoral candidate at Ohio University. He researched on The Impact of the STARTALK Language Program on the Internationalization of Higher Education in the United States for his dissertation - 2016